The experience with Hiking & History was very special. A different way of doing and feeling hiking, we repeat surely.
JAUME ORRIOLS, Terrassa SPAIN (june 2017)
Fantastic landscapes. A great discovery of the Eastern Pyrenees with all its history. Great service of Hiking and History.
JUAN DIEGO RAMIREZ, Madrid SPAIN, (September 2018)
The attentions and details that we received from all the H & H team were formidable. The deal and the recommendations were perfect.
ALBERTO LOPEZ, Valencia SPAIN (july 2016)
Excellent route the attractions of the Eastern Pyrenees are formidable. Majestic views of the Mediterranean Sea. A unique sensation
LLUIS AGUILÓ, Tarragona, (May 2017)
They are a great team and the excellent service.
We have had a great time, Congratulations on the organization and the service. We will repeat
ALFRED BASAS, Barcelona (September 2016)