Paths of Exile (Camprodon-Prats de Molló)

This is a cross-border round hike in mountains of medium height over a distance of 58 km / 36 miles. The route can be followed from south to north or from north to south, crossing the Eastern Pyrenees in the Catalan comarcas, or counties, of the Ripollès (Girona province, Spain) and the Alt Vallespir (Languedoc-Roussillon region, France). For the full experience we recommend our 11-day / 12-nights package, which includes the hike plus 5 guided walks to visit the most interesting places in the area.

For those with less time available, we also have options to do the route in 6-days / 7 nights, 4-days / 5-nights or 3-days / 4-nights for the most athletic. You can make your choice according to your interests, the time you have and the pace that best suits you.

Recommended off-route walks

For each stage you’ll find recommended walks that you can arrange with an accompanying mountain guide (in the package of 11 days and 12 nights these guided walks are included in the price). If you wish, you can also try them on your own, by taking extra days. It is important to bear in mind the daily timing for each stage, the timing for the recommended off-route walks and your physical condition to decide whether to do a stage and a recommended off-route walk on the same day or whether to add extra days. take extra days.

Technical information

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Most of the route is along well-trodden paths that go up valleys on gentle slopes. The steepest sections, though they are short, are the climb from Espinavell towards Coll Pregon and the descent from Coll de Malrem to Beget. The timings are for guidance and do not include stops. At the end of each stage you can get one of our cooperating establishments to stamp the route record in your travel log.

  • Total distance: 58 km / 36 miles
  • Maximum height: 1,529 m
  • Total climb: 2,813 m
  • Total descent: 2,796 m
  • Length: 4 – 12 nights

Choose your hike

Sport (3 days / 4 nights)

From €398

The Sportiest


Enjoy 4 days / 5 nights)

From €398

Moderate difficulty


Relax (6 days / 7 nights)

From €516

The more relaxed


Holiday (11 d. / 12 n.)

From €1010

includes 5 guided walks


Attractions & Leisure

During the route you can enjoy different leisure ideas for all tastes and ages. We attach some links where you can find out about some of the activities on offer.

Isaac Albéniz Museum (Camprodon)

Molló Parc, The animal park of the Pyrennes

83764316Medieval Art (Molló)

The festival of the bear (Prats de Molló)

75cl-group_blackLa Bière de L’Ours (Prats de Molló)

Trekking Canigó (Prats de Molló)

laprestelesbains_h6a2400bdThermal center (Prats de Molló-La Preste)

 Vol de Coloms (Olot)

Hatha and Yin Yoga (Notre Dame du Coral)

27116832982_a90e4fa469Medieval village (Beget)

Tria de Mulats (Espinavell)

Bellavista Restaurant (Prats de Molló)