May 2020

The Legend of how the Pyrenees were created

Legend has it that long ago Geryon, the misshapen 3-headed spawn defeated King Tubal. Pyrene in love with Hercules, knowing that the monster would come for her, flee to the forests of the plain, dwelling place of gods, demigods and men, to hide from the horrible 3-headed monster.

August 2019

Article in Sapiens magazine

The magazine Sapiens has dedicated three pages to the emotional experience “Fleets” in its number 203 of the month of February 2019.

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Interview with Carlos Treviño (Director of Hiking & History)

The television program “Als 4 vents” that was dedicated to the topic “Exiles”, held an interview with Carlos Treviño in which he talked about him as a person and as responsible for the experiences “Caminos del exilio” (Cultural Route) and “ Fugits ”(Emotional experience).

See program
Interview in minute 45:10

March 2019

“Hotelet del bac” new partner of fugitives experience

Starting point also of Path of freedom Route. We got an agreement of collaboration with Hotelet del Bac. Photo fugitives group desember 22th. 2019



In december 22th. 2019 we premiered Fugitives in a full moon night. What a magical night!! From this experience we have a great article in the magazine “Sapiens” talking about the new touristic proposal.

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December 2017

Hiking & History Experiencies 2018

Hiking & History presents its experiences for the Cultural Tourism year 2018. Welcome to the creativity of Hiking & History

Link here with the 2018 experiences

November 2017

Column “Evasion Scape pyrennes” in Punt Avui Newspapper

Under the skin of the spanish republican refugees

Cultural and experiencial activity reproducing de exodus of the year 1939 (civil war)with a night walk to cross the border. 10 people participated i the first edition of the activity.

See Chronicle (in catalan)

Hiking & History premiere “Evasió Fuita Pirineus” at Som Cultura Festival 2017

Evasió Fuita Pirineus, premiere on next November 18, 2017

See promotional video

September 2017

June 2017

Hiking & History collaboration with “ El consorci Les Gavarres”

Hiking & History has started a collaboration with Consorci de les Gavarres. Carles Treviño member of Hiking & History and oficial mountain guide, has worked during 3 months as assitant in the desing of a new cultural route in progress in Les Gavarres. It has been a fieldwork between a Geographer, a biologist and a mountain guide.

Hiking & History. Collaboration with ”Ripollés” TV “El camí de la Retirada”

Collaboration with the program “ Caminant per Catalunya” of Ripolles TV, Molló-Prats-Coll d’ Ares-Prats de Molló. With Antoni Llagostera, Pilar, Andreu, Ramón y Pep. Introduction of the route Paths of Exile by Cales Treviño in the minute 31.

See the program in video.


November 2016

Hiking & History participation in Som Cultura Festival 201

Celebrating the 80th. Anniversary of the Spanish Republican Exile with the activity “Huidos del fascismo”. We invite to enjoy the Oriental Pyrenees in this time of the year and remember the paths full of History and beauty.

August 2016

Foundation of Hiking & History.

Project addressed to the world to enjoy nature with a different glance. Meeting point between Arts, Nature and History.

Hiking & History premier Paths of Exile. Juli Soler 2016 Best Mountain roads Map Prize.

Final edition 2016 the best Map prize has been for Paths of Exile , route designed and produced by Hiking & History

Paths of Exile
Escale: 1:25.000
Authors: Carles Treviño
Editorial Piolet

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